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Group-How-To Contest! $5,000 in prizes, Get Published*

Tell the world how to lead a group in a creative Makey Makey activity.


  • "How Your Class Can Invent Their Own Unique Human Synthesizers"
  • "Plans and Ideas For Facilitating a Workshop on Makey Makey Water-Based Inventions"

See below for full example submissions.


Entries will be judged based on whether your Group-How-To is:

  • original
  • exciting
  • clear enough that anyone new to Makey Makey can follow your lead
  • bonus: open-ended -- each participant or group diverges to a unique outcome

* Prizes

  • 5 winners at $1000 cash each
  • Up to 20 winners featured/published as our favorite Makey Makey Group How-To's (either as a webpage, pdf, book, etc. not yet decided)

How To Enter

Create a new topic with your title in the Group How-To forum. For example, a topic might read "How to Take People Into the Woods and Make Tree Instruments." Then either put your entry in the forum post, or attach it as an extra file, or post a link to your submission.

Note: Creating a new topic requires a forum account. Enter Here

Submission Details

Highly Recommended

Title: Make it snappy!
Short Description: one sentence (or so)
Step-by-Step Guide: Be clear, be passionate, be yourself. This section (and perhaps the visuals) are likely the bulk of the entry.
Visuals: Such as photos, drawings or videos. A hand drawn diagram or a photo can go a long way even if you're not a professional.

Also Recommended

Materials: What things do you need to do this? Tape? A fork? etc.
Price: For Example -- Free, Cheap, Expensive, $50, Your Pinky
Time: Estimated time required to make the project or run the workshop
Software: Give a description or link to the software needed

Could be Cool

Ideas Section: At the end, add a section called "Things to Try". Include questions or suggestions for other ways to do the project, and other materials or software you might use.
Any Other Media: Either attach to your forum post or put links to any other media (handouts, power points, documents, etc.)

Example Submissions

  • Simple Example Submission: A forum post with a clear, creative idea
  • Detailed Example Submission: For inspiration. This is a forum post which attaches a word doc and a pdf file as submissions.
  • Freeform Example: You don't have to conform to any pre-existing idea of instructions or a curriculum. Submit your webpage or other medium if you think it will help groups engage creatively with Makey Makey.


Enter by August 13th, 2013 (extended from June 30th). Enter multiple times. Do whatever you like. Just do it. Be stoked!


Post them here!


You get to keep your copyright, but you also release your work under CC attribution license, and you agree that JoyLabz or 9 Dots may use your submission or a derivative of it in a curriculum, book, blog post, or other form of media or promotion.

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