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Makey Labz Gets a Facelift!

July 02, 2017

A new and improved interface for all your project sharing and inspiration needs!

We're revamping our platform for Makey Makers to peruse and create project guides! Go beyond the banana piano by exploring guides made by inventors around the world - from powering a reading lamp to making your own computer powered board games.

Explore Makey Makey Labz!



If you're a teacher you can set up your class in Makey Makey Labz and assign step-by-step guides to your students! Choose from tons of pre-written lesson plans, write your own, or modify pre-existing projects to work for your classroom.

School Support 
- Browse through tons of lesson plans created by us and by other educators from around the world 
- Set up a classroom with student logins and assign activities, track progress in real-time, and review student work. - Sign in with your Clever account. 
- Filter projects by CCSS and NGSS standards 
- Create a private activity and administer it to your class without sharing it to the entire community. 
- Document your inventions and post project guides 
- Show off your inventions in the gallery 
- Ask questions and share tips through comments

Here's a screenshot of the guides:


Beta Testing

Makey Makey Labz is still in beta, so there are parts of the platform that might change and improve - we'd love to hear your thoughts about it! 
To report bugs or suggest changes, please email

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