Welcome to the "Makey Makey: Beyond the Banana" Course!


Welcome to the "Makey Makey: Beyond the Banana" course!

We are Colleen Graves and Tom Heck and we work for JoyLabz (the people who make Makey Makey!) 

We're your instructors and it's our honor to work with you.

We are both teachers and we poured our combined experience and passion for education into this course.

Our goal is to help you build creative confidence so you can start designing, building, testing, and "demo-ing" your very own invention.

This course revolves around the Makey Makey and yet it's about so much more. You'll learn how to build and experiment with simple circuits. You'll test for conductivity in various items. You'll build switches. You'll also design and share interactive pieces of art. You'll learn how to code with one of the world's best and most popular (and free!) coding programs. 

We're excited to be on this journey with you. Let’s get started gathering materials! On our resource page, you can follow along with these lesson in order or skip around! That is up to you!

Here is the whole JoyLabz team! Can you find us? Colleen and Tom?

Materials Needed for this Class

These are materials are needed for the whole course, but we will also list materials needed for each class. (Downloadable Templates will be provided in each section where necessary.)

For the whole course:

  • Makey Makey Invention Kit
  • Laptop or desktop computer (Windows, Mac, Chromebook, or Linux). No tablets.

Beginner Unit: Exploring Makey Makey Materials

  • First Lesson: Simple Circuit
    • Downloadable Template (PDF)
    • 3V Coin Cell Battery
    • 3mm or 5mm LEDs
    • Aluminum Foil
  • Second Lesson:Hands on a Makey Makey
    • Makey Makey
    • Family Members
    • Third Lesson: What is Conductive
      • Free Scratch Account and Link to Scratch Project: “Is it Conductive?”
      • Play- Doh
      • Various items to test: sponge, plants, rulers, loose change, bananas,etc.
      • Conductive office supplies: Brass Fasteners, Binder Clips, Paper Clips, etc





    Head to the First Lesson
    Once you've gathered your supplies, head to the first lesson! (link coming)





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