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Magnetic Makey Makey Mazes
Create your own interactive labyrinth.

A group game making workshop

Ever gotten lost in a cornfield, a dark basement, a video game level, or Grandmom's house with no way out? In this activity we'll will be taking the thoughts and feelings from these moments and creating an interactive tabletop maze using your imagination, some conductive materials, and the Makey Makey.


  1. Introduce yourselves! Even if you already know eachother get out the paper and start drawing up some mazes, dungeons, whatever suits your fancy. Making your own rules, characters, and quests are a plus! Share your mazes and how they're played to the group!

  2. Legend of Grandma 2: with Grandpop was a hit.
  3. Keep your drawings on the table and begin to play with play-doh, use a battery, alligator clips and an LED to test its conductivity.

  4. Try creating your maze with the play-doh and begin playing with the magnets by placing one on top of the table and control it with one underneath. Try to see if you can get an LED to light up when you hit the wall of your maze!

    Tape one end of your wire to the top magnet (Player) and the other to the Positive(+) ond of the battery, complete the circuit from there.

  5. Break up into groups or work as a team and take a look at our Scatch Studio for Scoreboards and Games. Never used Scratch? Check out MIT's how-to or Scratch Cards too if you want to tinker around and make your own scoreboard.

  6. Think of how you want to make your maze: Will you collect items, race the clock, or defeat some sort of enemy? To test use our "Simple Maze Game" sketch, read the project controls, and test them on the keyboard.

  7. Unbox your Makey Makey and begin attaching aligator clips to the proper connections(down arrow to your play-doh maze, up arrow to any time power-ups) and connect the magnetic player to Earth!(for this part of the tinkering you no longer need the battery)

  8. If you've gotten the sketch to work with one of your mazes keep going! Try our other Scratch sketches. Make a maze that is almost impossible to beat and have your friends test it. Get feedback from them and make it better! Keep track of everyones high scores!


Badges UnLocked: 1st Scratch, 1st Makey Makey, Ma4


Note: The most you should have to spend per maze is $70 if you don't have a Makey Makey. Most of this stuff can be found in your kitchen or be scrapped!

Talk about it! Question it!

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