Only use the buttons on your MakeyMakey
Still there? MakeyMakey Remap will timeout soon if left inactive.
Hold Earth with one hand press the arrows with your other hand on your Makey Makey to navigate. Press CLICK to select
First check to make sure you have version 1.2 and beyond
Unplug your Makey Makey from the computer to begin
Step 1. Use one alligator clip to connect the up arrow to the down arrow, and another alligator clip to connect the left arrow to the right arrow.

Step 2. Plug in your MakeyMakey
MakeyMakey detected!

Now remove the clips.
You can close this window and begin using your Makey Makey.
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Refresh this page and start again
You are being redirected to the
MakeyMakey Quick Start Guide.
Communication has timed out.
Refresh the page to start over.
Click anywhere to focus the screen