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Apps to Use with Makey Makey

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Play some bongo drums with the space bar and left arrow. Turn anything into a drum!
A piano designed for Makey Makey. Play a melody with the arrow keys and space bar (and click, too).
A sampling synth for Makey Makey. Record your own sound, use preset scales, and set the keys to play just the notes you want.
This is a running game, with just one button: press the space bar to jump, or invent your own way.
  Scratch Piano
This is a piano you can play with the arrow keys. It was created using Scratch, an easy-to-use graphical programming language, so you can remix it and make your own version.
You can play this Tetris game with the arrow keys... or make your own custom controller.
  Sound Effects
This page turns your keyboard into a sound effects machine. By connecting to the letters on the back of your Makey Makey, you can create your own way to trigger sounds.
  Flash Flash Revolution
Make your own pads so you can play this dancing game with your feet instead of the arrow keys... or invent a totally new way to play.
  Chamber Music Piano
You can play 10 different notes on this piano (using w, a, s, d, f, left, up, right, down and space). Play along with the video for a piano duet!
Scratch is an easy way to code your own Makey Makey project. Here is a collection of Scratch projects made for Makey Makey. Here is a two-page PDF intro to Scratch and Makey Makey, and here is a PDF with Scratch music tips and tricks.
  Platform rush v0.2

You can also try out interacting with:
  • Powerpoint
  • Photobooth
  • Music Players
  • Video Players (including YouTube)

Here are some good music apps we know of:
  • Soundplant
    • Drag and drop sounds onto keys on a keyboard, then press the keys to play them. Try it with the example keymap we made with drum and marimba sounds for mac or windows.
  • Garage Band
  • Virtual Piano

Apps to Use with Makey Makey GO

  Makey Makey OneClick Drum
  1 Button Piano
  Makey Makey Counter While Touching With Sound
  Flappy Bird!
  Makey Makey Harp
  Selfie Surgery
  Makey Makey Counter to 10 Only
  Makey Makey Counter
  Makey Makey Spinner
  Makey Makey Dice Roll
  Makey Makey Billie Jean (One-Key)
  Makey Makey Don't Press the Button
  Makey Makey Bloop
  Geometry Dash (Demo)
  Makey Makey 1 Button Tank (2 players)
One button Game Two Players (need two Makey Go's)
Here are some other great one button apps and games:

Ever played Mario on Play-Doh or Piano on Bananas? Alligator clip the Internet to Your World.

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