Plug & Play Makey Makey Apps

The new Makey Makey Apps are the culmination of years of learning and play at JoyLabz. We took our tried-and-true piano app that was created when Makey Makey was first introduced, and we took it up a level alongside a number of new apps that we have created from the ground up. The new apps all have a number of cool features and are adjustable so you can plug and play your next invention.

Piano App


Use the Makey Makey to turn anything conductive into a piano key with ease!

By: JoyLabz

Audio Sampler

Play our samples or record your own then plug and play your musical creations!

By: JoyLabz


Use your Makey Makey to doodle and draw on your computer screen!

By: JoyLabz

Buzzer App

Run your own gameshow and Buzz in with Makey Makey!

By: JoyLabz

Counter App

Use your Makey Makey to tally votes, collect data, and more!

By: JoyLabz

Timer App

Use your Makey Makey to start and stop a stopwatch or countdown timer!

By: JoyLabz

Scoreboard App

Use Makey Makey to keep score when your games come down to the wire!

By: JoyLabz

Is It Conductive?

Need to test if a material is conductive or not? The simplest of apps!

By: JoyLabz

Makey Makey Soccer

Spend some time and kick the ball around with a friend, Makey Makey style!

By: JoyLabz

Match The Beat

See if you and a friend have the moves and rythm to dance like a star, falling stars!

By: JoyLabz

Fruit Catcher

Use the Makey Makey to buld a controller to catch the fruit. Be careful to not catch the wrong thing!

By: JoyLabz

Pixel Sketch

Use your Makey Makey and the Makey Max Backpack to create amazing pixel works of art!

By: JoyLabz

Bubble Pop

Use the Makey Mouse Backpack to take a zen moment and pop some bubbles!

By: JoyLabz

Fuzzy Face

Use the Makey Mouse Backpack to create a radical hairdo, suave mustache or hip beard!

By: JoyLabz

Legacy and Community Apps

If you are looking for our older list of apps, you can find them on our Legacy and Community Apps page!


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