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At Makey Makey we think that everyone should have access to quality training on how to use Makey Makey to dig into Invention Literacy. We want that access to be as scalable and affordable as possible and we know that can’t be done by us alone. So, we work with partner organizations all over the world to schedule and provide Makey Makey training in your community!

Become a Official Makey Makey Training Partner

We are always on the lookout for teacher professional development organizations that have talented and inventive trainers to become Makey Makey Training Partners. By becoming a Training Partner we work with you to provide quality training content, logistical and marketing support, discounts on products for training purposes and much much more! We accept new partners on a regular basis so inquire now!

Partner Organization Benefits

  • Marketing and media support for Partners’ workshops
  • Product discounts on training hardware
  • Discounts for participants that are good for one year!
  • Training materials provided by Makey Makey
  • Early access to upcoming products and content

Partner Organization Requirements

  • Your business or non-profit organization must officially provide teacher professional development (PD) training as a non-profit or for-profit.
  • Partner trainers must go through training provided by Makey Makey before running workshops of their own.
  • Signed service agreement that is updated annually.
  • Attend an Annual Training Partner Update Meeting.


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