The new Code-a-Key Backpack! Bringing the Makey Makey and the BBC micro:bit together for more invention fun!



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Educator Guide for Administrators Educator Guide for Administrators Download here
  1. Introducing Makey Makey
  2. For Administrators Only: Why Use Makey Makey In The Classroom?
  3. Becoming Familiar With Makey Makey
  4. Makey Makey In The Classroom
  5. Beyond The Banana Piano: Innovation Through Design Challenges
  6. Makey Makey Invention Literacy Workshop
At Home Course for Students and Teachers At Home Course for Students and Teachers Download here
  1. Craft a Circuit
  2. Hands-on a Makey Makey
  3. What is Conductive?
  4. Draw an Instrument
  5. Code Key Presses in Scratch
  6. Craft and Code Stories in Scratch
  7. Code a Two Player Game in MakeCode
How To Page for Teachers and Students How To Page for Teachers and Students Download here
  1. Sketch it! Play it!
  2. Ultimate Stomping Pad
  3. Musical Creations
  4. Distance Rate and Time
  5. Gigantic Playable Makey Makey
  6. And more!
Resources for Teachers
Resources for Teachers Makey Makey® makes it easy to integrate STEM into your curriculum in ways that will be fun and engaging for students. Makey Makey can be used in any subject area to help students grasp new concepts through tangible, interactive, hands-on activities. We’ve developed beginner plug and play activities, beginner Scratch activities, and even beginner MakeCode Arcade activities to help teachers painlessly incorporate tech into their lessons. Check out our Google Slides for teachers at Brand new to Makey Makey? We even have a free Makey Makey 101 course for teachers.
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The Makey Makey Certified Educator Workshop is an intensive, hands-on, 3-hour virtual class during which you’ll learn how to teach Invention Literacy, Making, and Design Thinking using the award winning Makey Makey. This workshop is designed for teachers who have experience teaching Makey Makey with students, but want to know how to further this work! In this one-day (3-hour) workshop you’ll learn to incorporate Makey Makey into your classroom using a number of our apps and activities beyond building a banana piano. You'll draw circuits, build pressure sensitive switches from cardboard, and discover the many ways Makey Makey can be applied to learning a wide range of subjects. Together we’ll learn best practices for teaching students how to invent with Makey Makey in and outside the classroom setting. You’ll do all of this in a supportive and energized virtual learning environment with fellow educators from all over the world.
Become a Makey Makey Certified  Educator!
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Trees of Knowledge
Jean Piaget watched children develop very closely in the mid-20th century, and he realized that they weren't passively internalizing knowledge, like empty vessels to be filled. He proposed that people create knowledge by building mental structures, which he called schema, in a way that makes sense to them (I like to think of little imaginary "hands" building a knowledge tree). The focus on the construction of knowledge, as opposed to its transmission, led Piaget to develop the theory of constructivism …
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