Kit Project Guides

Each project that has been designed around a Makey Makey Booster Kit is paired with a detailed project guide! By providing free basic documentation to get you started we believe that you can get to developing your own inventions sooner. We simplify this step for you by taking you through each project step-by-step with quality photos and videos. Check out the different projects based around the different Booster Kits we have developed.

Get Up + Go! Booster Kit Projects

Hula Hoop Controller

You never thought you would use a Hula Hoop to draw? Well, now you can!

By: JoyLabz

Stomp Switch Fun

Race you to that tree and back! Well, with this stomp switch timer you can see who really wins in the end.

By: JoyLabz

Craft + Code Booster Kit Projects

DIY Controller

Build your own game tilt based controller with Makey Makey and a yogurt cup. Test it out with our Etch-a-Sketch App!

By: JoyLabz

Drawable Circuits

Draw your own playable instrument, connect Makey Makey to your drawings, and jam out with this activity using different app options.

By: JoyLabz


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