Featured Artist: Jess Godwin and Makey Makey Musical Rainbow

Jess Godwin, an artist and musician we follow on Instagram is working on a full series using Makey Makey to create beautiful and colorful videos. (If you like the videos, consider supporting Jess on Patreon!) She reprogrammed the inputs on Makey Makey to be... READ MORE

Meet our Newest Team Member!

Makey Makey is a small team, but we are ready to move and forge new directions in invention literacy and maker education. That's why we are expanding our team to help us get new products to market! Meet Derek Runberg... READ MORE

Makey Makey Piano Mania

Ending School on a High Note  These middle schoolers at Morton Middle School celebrated the end of the school year by building a Makey Makey piano on the stairs! 8B and I were on on @NBC10 thank you @AshCullinane for showing off this cool... READ MORE

Makey Makey A-MAZE-ing Challenge

Since Makey Makey's inception 9 years ago, we've seen some aMazing mazes! In 2013, David Alcoba from @VailetsHackLab designed "Parella d'equilibristes"or "Couple of balancers" also known as "Joined Together."  READ MORE

Fun Therapeutic Exercise Workshops Hula Hoop Game Controller and DIY Therapy Ball

We had a great free workshop for disability professionals last night on creating a hula hoop controller! Thanks to our partnership with Makers Making Change chapter leaders Katie Butzu and Mark Lyons, we are building up our resources for using... READ MORE

#InfyPathfinders Summer Institute: Invention Literacy with Makey Makey and Scrappy Circuits

We are thrilled to be part of #InfyPathfinders​ Summer 2021 Professional Development training program for K-12 public school teachers, hosted by @InfyFoundation. We thoroughly enjoyed participating in the winter institute, and are stoked to offer more PD this summer! We've been packing up... READ MORE

Free Resources and Online Professional Development for Teachers

New to Makey Makey?  Makey Makey® makes it easy to integrate STEM into your curriculum in ways that will be fun and engaging for students. Makey Makey can be used in any subject area to help students grasp new concepts through... READ MORE
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