#FunFactFriday: Daft Punk Makey Makey Tributes

Last week Daft Punk announced their breakup, and to lighten the news, one of our Makey Makey ambassadors, Marc Sibila created some really fun tribute videos. Check them out! Daft Croissant Punk .#onemoretime #daftpunktribute (Happy Weekend !!!)@makeymakey @scratch #diy #makers @instroniks... READ MORE

Black History Month and Celebrating Black Voices

Black History Month is almost over, but we can celebrate black voices all year long! Check out this new guide for creating an interactive poster and challenge your students to research some great black poets and create their own interactive poster with... READ MORE

Vidcode, Javascript, and Makey Makey Webinar

Join the Vidcode and Makey Makey teams to learn about creative JavaScript courses that you can use to start physical computing with your students tomorrow. Bring your Makey Makey, meet the team behind Vidcode and enjoy live coding with us during this... READ MORE

InfyPathfinders Workshop- Check out these amazing teacher projects!

This past weekend, we led a three day intensive workshop with U.S. Public school teachers thanks to the Infosys Infy Pathfinders Winter Institute.  Tom Heck and Colleen Graves led these teachers through a blended workshop from our dynamic in person... READ MORE

Makey Makey as Occupational Therapy and Assistive Technology: A Partnership Project with Makers Making Change

For the last four months, we've had a partnership with Makers Making Change as a way to help disability professionals use Makey Makey as an assistive device. In October, we ran an intro webinar with Katie Butzu and Mark Lyons... READ MORE

Créa'num Challenge Showcase

The Créa'Num challenge is a creative and digital competition for teachers from Lille regional education territory (North of France). It is powered by INSPÉ Lille - Hauts-de-France through its educational fablab : the Minilab/Créalab. The main objective of the challenge... READ MORE

Code Art Fest: Virtual Coding Festival for Girls

Code/Art Fest is an annual tech-inspired conference for girls & STEAM Educators that includes workshops, keynotes, a digital art exhibition, STEAM expo, and closing awards ceremony! #CodeArtGirl #CodeArtFest READ MORE
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