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Scratch Makey Makey Apps

We at JoyLabz and Makey Makey have always been a huge fan and partner with Scratch. Since the start, Scratch has been our go-to platform for learning to code and prototyping online applications. Even some of your favorite tried and true Makey Makey apps have their origins found in Scratch! So, we wanted to collect and share some of our favorite and most used apps to share with you in hopes that they inspire you to create your own.

Beatbox Quartet

A great plug and play project for using the arrow key inputs on Makey Makey!

By: JoyLabz

Guitar Hero

The perfect app for jamming out on your cardboard guitar.

By: JoyLabz

Virtual Makey Makey

Want to use a Makey Makey sprite in your next coding project? Save this sprite to your backpack.

By: JoyLabz

Story City

A great example of using Scratch and Makey Makey to create stories about a fictional city.

By: JoyLabz

Poem Generator

This Scratch project uses the arrow key inputs to generate a poem!

By: JoyLabz

Interactive Poster

This Black History Month project will inspire you to create your own interactive poster with Makey Makey and Scratch.

By: JoyLabz

Start/Stop Alarm

Our very own alarm app is based on the concept behind this project! Press the Space input to trigger the alarm.

By: JoyLabz

Closed Circuit Alarm

This alarm is set to go off if the space input is NOT pressed. Use this project to design your own alarms that will sound when the circuit is open.

By: JoyLabz

Volume On/Off

This is a great project to show how a Makey Makey circuit works. Press the space input to turn the volume on.

By: JoyLabz

ASL Signs

This Scratch project shares how to create GIFS to make animations. Write out the word, connect to Makey Makey, and tap the word to see it in sign language.

By: JoyLabz

Virtual LED

A virtual Makey Makey to show how to connect an LED to Makey Makey. Press any input to light the LED.

By: JoyLabz

Talking Calculator

This adaptive calculator allows kinesthetic learners to touch or jump on numbers to check equations!

By: JoyLabz


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