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Back to School Ideas! Let's Makey Makey this school year great!

August 28, 2018

It's time for our back to school post! Whether you are new to using Makey Makey in the classroom, or you've been using it for years, this post is chocked full of goodies just for teachers!

Back to School Promo

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Back to School Promo

Make Your Own Gigantic Makey Makey

Jason from Amazeum's Makey Makey

(Photo Credit: Jason Quail from Amazeum's Oversized Makey Makey)

Oversized props can be a tremendous help when teaching to a full classroom (Colleen loves Sparkfun's oversized Lilypad and Paper Circuit props.) Our gigantic Makey Makey tutorial was inspired after seeing Jason Quail of Amazeum post one in our Facebook educator group, and seeing Jen Gilbert's oversized Makey Makey at ISTE this summer. You can make your own oversized yet functional Makey Makey by following (or hacking!) our directions here. We'd love it if you share your makes at the bottom of this guide!

Mouse Click Mini Lesson

Controlling a mouse click with Scratch and Makey Makey is a fun way to add interactivity to any game or animation. Here are three quick ways to control a mouse click in Scratch! Share your ideas with us in Labz!

Updated Simple Circuits Lab

Check out the new updated Simple Circuit Challenge in Labz! This guide will teach your students how to create a simple circuit, a basic switched simple circuit, and even dabble with parallel circuits. It ends with inventing materials for DIY switches. We'd love to see more schools tinkering with conductive materials and inventing DIY switches, so please post your students' work in the gallery for this guide.

Design Thinking and You

We want to help you Makey Makey this school year great! Answer our one question survey about resources you'd like for us to offer and we will see what we can do to Makey Makey it happen! 

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