Bananaversary Interview with Jay and Eric

May 27, 2022

Happy Bananaversary to Makey Makey! 

We're stoked to announce a new milestone for Makey Makey! This month, we are celebrating 10 years of invention! From the start, we have placed a high value on learning through play and discovery, delivering tools that inspire joy and creative exploration, and supporting a community that shares great ideas!

In this week's spotlight, we are interviewing the inventors who invented Makey Makey!

In this charming interview, learn more about the collaboration between Jay Silver and Eric Rosebaum, the history of Makey Makey and more! Now grab a slice of banana cake and enjoy!

What was your favorite toy as a kid?

This is one of our favorite questions when we are getting to know someone and especially a great question to ask the tinkerers in your life!

What inspired you to make Makey Makey?

Ever wondered what inspired Jay and Eric to invent our little invention kit? Check out all the different interesting things that led to Makey Makey.


Tell us about your collaborative work before Makey Makey

Jay and Eric chat about things that inspired the invention of Makey Makey and how they work together collaboratively through lots of projects.

How did you invent this together?

Jay and Eric discuss how they collaborated to create Makey Makey. They discuss Drawdio, Teensy, and HID output. (Human Interface Device Protocol)


Jay and Eric talk about how they invented this wacky little invention kit together. They discuss Singing Fingers, Project Q, the first workshop, and more!


Can you tell us about that first meeting with SparkFun?

This is such a fun story about how the very first Makey Makey projects and how Jay and Eric met with Nathan at SparkFun to see if SparkFun could help produce boards. 

How difficult was it to make that first Kickstarter Video?

From running ethernet cables through the forest to bandaids- hear about how this viral Kickstarter video was born.

How did things change for you once Makey Makey was launched?

Did things change quickly after Makey Makey was launched? The Kickstarter was funded in less than 24 hours and Jay and Eric shared Makey Makey in public at Maker Faire for the first time.

 Tell us about the Maker Movement then and now...

The Maker Movement has changed a lot in the last 10 years! From edgy to normal, Jay and Eric share their thoughts on the movement that has been adapted in the classroom.

 Eric, what do you do on the Scratch Team?

Did you know Eric works on the Scratch team? His job is pretty cool, he gets to come up with new extension ideas and more!

Have you made anything with Makey Makey recently?

Do Jay and Eric still make things with Makey Makey? What kinds of things?!?

What advice would you give young inventors?

To end this interview, we get some pretty rad advice from Jay and Eric!

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