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Become a Makey Makey Certified Educator- Las Vegas Workshop

October 22, 2018

Want to become a Makey Makey certified educator? 

We've got a few open spots in our upcoming November 10th workshop held in Las Vegas, Nevada! Attend this workshop to become a Makey Makey certified educator.

Here's a blurb about the workshop:

"Get ready for a fun hands-on workshop where you’ll learn how to teach Invention Literacy, Making, and Design Thinking using the award winning Makey Makey invention kit used by educators in all 50 states and around the world and featured in TED talks. This workshop is new and being delivered throughout the US. You’ll learn best practices and gain access to a multimedia training website that you can use later when you train others or teach the students you serve."

Register for the workshop here!

Check out some of these amazing inventions teachers have made while delving into Invention Literacy and Makey Makey in this one day workshop:

Interactive clock

This was designed by three elementary school teachers to help young students learn how to tell time in increments of 5 minutes. For example, when you push on the "1" you'll hear "5 minutes after". When you push on the "2" you'll hear "10 minutes after."


Learn to hold a pencil properly

Designed and built by three teaches in Lansing MI. One of the teachers works with Pre-K and Kindergarten students and she needed a device that would help students learn to hold a pencil properly. The teachers found a short piece of PVC pipe and then added conductive tape in such a way that you're able to play notes on a digital piano when the pipe (used in place of a pencil) is held correctly. If you hold the pipe incorrectly then fewer notes are played. Programming not required for this project. 


Collaborative Game Controllers

Designed by librarians, these controllers made from recyclables were made to teach teens how to work together to beat a game. 

What will you create? Register for this Las Vegas workshop today


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