Build a Better Book Webinar

May 06, 2019

Check out our last webinar of the school year!

The Build a Better Book project works with school and library Makerspaces to engage youth in the design and fabrication of inclusive media, including picture books, games and graphics. Using both low- and high-tech Makerspace tools, such as 3D printers, laser cutters, Makey Makeys, conductive boards and craft materials, youth design, fabricate, test and refine multi-modal books, games and STEM graphics that incorporate tactile and audio features. These products are designed by and for learners with visual impairments as well as other physical and learning disabilities. Through the project, middle and high school youth develop technology skills and learn about STEM careers as they design and create multi-modal picture books, graphics and games that can be seen, touched and heard! In this webinar, the Build a Better Book team members and partner educators share ideas for using Makey Makey to creatively make books, games and other products come to life with sound and interactivity!

Meet the Panelists:

Stacey Forsyth is the Director of CU Science Discovery, a K-12 STEM education outreach organization based at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where she oversees a suite of informal STEM education programs for students and teachers. She also serves as Co-PI of the Build a Better Book project, which connects youth Makers with the real-world need for more accessible learning materials.
Ian Matty is a former derivatives trader and risk manager who co-founded a community makerspace where kids could explore, learn, and build with technology.  Upon seeing the amazing interactions. learning, and creations by elementary school kids, Ian knew that he needed to bring makerspace resources and culture to many more people. Ian has devoted hundreds of hours to bring all things maker to the greater Mountain Lakes community.  Ian now has the amazing opportunity to bring makerspace culture to everyone ages 2 - 101 as the full time Manager of the Mountain Lakes Public Library Makerspace,  Ian works with students at the Public Library, in the local school district, and partners with numerous residents on community collaborations.  You can find Ian on Twitter @ProjMakespace, Facebook @LakerMakersClub, and online at
BBB Connection
Ian first learned about Build a Better Book when Stacey Forsythe asked if she could share his 'Very Makey-Pillar' project [A positive example of Social Media].  Of course! Ian said yes.  Since learning about BBB and their mission to bring improved tactile books and game experiences for visually impaired children, Ian has worked on understanding how to better approach learning and teaching universal design.  Fortunately, Makey Makey and Scratch are two amazing resources to prototype and create universally designed projects.  Over twenty Mountain Lakes High School students will be piloting BBB projects this June, building off both the success of BLDG 21's BBB project work and Ian's belief that students can help design good products for other students.
Janet Hollingsworth is a structural engineer, woodworker, and maker educator. She co-founded BLDG 61, the all-ages makerspace at the Boulder Public Library in 2016. As a creative technologist, she curates and facilitates maker programs, including: woodworking, laser cutting, machining, sewing, 3D printing, electronics, digital fabrication, screen printing, and more. She has also developed special apprenticeship programs for underrepresented youth, the blind/VI community, and individuals experiencing homelessness. She, along with the BLDG 61 team, was named a Mover and Shaker by Library Journal in 2019.
Peruse the slides shared with links to all of Ian's videos!
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