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canCode Scratch Teen Hackathon on April 11, 2021!

April 01, 2021

What is cooler than a Hackathon? A Teen Hackathon organized and run by teens! 

We just heard about canCode from the amazing young teens that run it and we can't wait for April 11th! 


Students and teens from around the world are invited to register for the canCode Scratch Teen Hackathon by April 8th and participate in this virtual hackathon on April 11th. 

From the Teens at canCode:

"Join us for our first ever hackathon! Join as an individual or part of a team of up to 3 teens. In this hackathon, you’ll be challenged to make a project in Scratch (a block-based coding environment) and an accompanying curriculum. You’ll earn 6 hours of community service if you submit a finished project link, regardless of if you win or not. Winning submissions will be used for some of our future workshops! Scroll down for more info
All participants must register, and there is a $10 registration fee (note this fee is a donation to our 501c3 nonprofit and helps us provide underserved children with free computer programming workshops). Fee waivers are available for anyone who needs - just email info@canCode.us
Winners will receive recognition, medals, and canCode swag!"

 Register today:


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