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Ditch the wires, play with peels! The Makey Makey Banana*

March 31, 2024

Tired of tangled wires? Introducing the Makey Makey Banana, the easiest way to turn playtime into invention time! This specially-selected, conductivity-optimized banana*  becomes a natural key for your Makey Makey creations.
Here’s what makes it music (or game) to your ears:
  • Pre-peeled perfection: No messy prep, just connect and create!
  • Conductivity champion: This banana is grown for peak Makey Makey performance.
  • Natural and safe: Made with 100% potassium-powered fun (and a little science magic).
  • Compostable fun: When the jams over, toss the peel in your compost for a guilt-free good time.
The Makey Makey Banana unlocks a world of creative possibilities:
  • Build a banana piano and become a musical maestro.
  • Create a dance pad with multiple bananas for a fruity fiesta.
  • Invent your own wacky game controllers – the only limit is your imagination!
Get your Makey Makey Banana today and turn playtime into a delicious adventure in invention!

*Note: Regular bananas work too! And if you’ve read this far, hopefully you realize the Makey Makey Banana is not real. Happy April 1st! 
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