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Featured Art and Music: Wind Chime and Electric Guitar Project by Gunner Basinger

May 01, 2020

Last week, we learned about this really peaceful and relaxing music project made with a guitar and Makey Makey wind chimes by Gunner Basinger. 

Give it a listen....

We asked Gunner to share a little more about this project.

"This duo features a homemade electric wind chime and electric guitar as part of a project for a sound design class. The wind chime controller was made using the Makey Makey Classic board with alligator clips connected aluminum strips made into various shapes. The wind chime player interacts with these pieces of aluminum that touch the ground connection strip that sends midi messages to a VST pad synth. These pitches were pre-programmed to be notes from a pentatonic scale. The guitarist then simply improvises to the notes produced from the windchime. In this instance, I played both parts and improvised in and out of the pentatonic scale that the pitches were programmed to. The original idea was intended for a fan that would move the strips of aluminum so that the notes could be triggered without a second player, making the notes more indeterminate. However, the aluminum strips were too heavy for my fan, haha."

We love it, Gunner! Have you made a music or art project with Makey Makey? Share it with us so we can feature it on our blog! 

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