Featured Educator: Ali Adil Ali

June 15, 2020

We love the innovative ways that educators (in both formal and informal learning spaces) introduce learners to the concept of physical computing with Makey Makey and coding languages like: Scratch, Processing, and Python. Each month, we will feature an educator and a unique project they've worked on recently. To read more educator posts, simply sign up for our newsletter and we'll guide you to our best content.

Meet this month's featured educator: Ali Adil Ali

My name is Ali Adil Ali from IRAQ. I’m an educator in the Ministry of higher education and the Coding for Kids initiative founder in Iraq and I teach kids coding and robotics for free. I also volunteer for Code Club and am part of the Raspberry pi translation team. Check out my Coding4Kids group on Facebook and my Youtube videos for teaching kids about coding, or my active projects on Twitter.

My code club's goal is to help my members learn skills like Science, Tech, and art ( STEM Education)  through play! In Code club, I teach my members: Scratch, MakeCode, Makey Makey, and micro:bit hardware. 

You always have great project ideas! What inspires you?

My goal is always to make technology fun for kids to learn and to help them develop programming skills. That is why I make time to make learning fun by looking for ideas. To help me communicate the idea to kids, I engage in making projects with my 9 year old son Mustafa.



Do you have tips for working with students who are at home?

Every week we have an online session, and I used the "Digital Making at home" activities from Raspberry Pi (I use one Digital Making at home project each week.) 

Tell us more about your virtual Makey Makey!

Many kids in Iraq do not have a real Makey Makey especially my code club members. My Code club members asked me how they could do Makey Makey projects without one at home.  So I designed the virtual Makey Makey to teach my members about the same Makey Makey concepts until the Coronavirus ends. I am also searching for a sponsor so we can buy the Makey Makey kits for our members.

Virtual Makey Makey Bongos:

 Virtual Makey Makey to show how inputs work:

Using the Virtual Makey Makey to learn about shapes:

Here are some more cool projects from Ali!


My dream is to reach all the kids in Iraq, including the ones who live the villages and the countryside to teach them the coding and robotics.

Thanks for telling us more about your work, Ali! We are so happy to know you. You share amazing project ideas everyday, and your creativity in coming up with ideas is endless! 


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