Featured Musician: Loner Shy with Facial Music and Ambient Kitchen Sounds

August 26, 2020

We get some pretty awesome tags on Instagram! Especially with so many talented people at home and trying out new ideas.

Have you ever tried controlling music with your face?

Well, Lonershy tried it by combining a Teensy board, Makey Makey, and some ambient sounds!

Check it out on his Instagram.



Curious about how he made this? He didn't know anything about programming, but he was able to find a lot of great ideas out there and he describes his process here.

Makey Makey in the Kitchen with Ableton

Lonershy dreamt up this ambient sound experiment by using Makey Makey to launch digital sound effects on Abelton, and even picked up the sounds of the objects he touches by using a contact mic. THIS IS SO COOL!   



This is a pretty magical effect too, right?

Check out the full video that helps explain the process below.

 Follow Loner Shy for more musical videos!

Bonus Video:

Check out this Digital Kalimba!


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