Featured Project: Projection Mapping by Students at Howest

January 24, 2022

Projection Mapping Challenge

Devine Digital Design and Development ( @Devinekask) exchange students at Howest in Belgium were challenged last semester to create an interactive experience with video mapping. They had only one week to complete the challenge!

As exchange students they had limited coding and development courses and they asked their teacher for a friendly beginner coding tool they could use for this challenge. Their teacher shared a Makey Makey kit and our Kickstarter video. The girls felt, "That’s friendly enough for us!" We think so too- check out there first Makey Makey project:



@makeymakeykit Check it how these students used MadMapper w #MakeyMakey ♬ BARELY BREATHING - Grant Averill


These four students worked together to create this amazing project. Karla Velazquez ( @karlopsia) was in charge of illustration and animation. Agnethe Sofie Holt ( @agnethesholt) also helped with the animation Siri Høystad (@ziiiriii) and Ragnhild Morland ( @raggsokken) coded the project in MadMapper and created the Makey Makey connections.

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How They Made It

To create this projection mapping project, the Devine students used MadMapper software. With this software, they could create animations and switch between scenes with a key press. They wanted users to feel like they were triggering projections, but wanted to use actual physical touches.

Next to their city scape, they had an iPad and the described the quest. Each trigger held a different clue on what to do. Something really cool that happened was that people were helping each other to decipher how to trigger the next animation. 

We asked this team what they thought about their first experience with Makey Makey.


"We found it (Makey Makey) so easy to use. It’s such a useful tool as we are studying UX design and we can use it to prototype easily."


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