The new Code-a-Key Backpack! Bringing the Makey Makey and the BBC micro:bit together for more invention fun!

Free Beginner Makey Makey 101 Course for Educators!

November 03, 2022

Are you a teacher who loves project-based learning (PBL)?

Are you new to Makey Makey ready to learn how to use our invention kit in the classroom?

Check Out Our New Free Intro Course!

Check out our new free Makey Makey 101 Course for Absolute Beginners

You'll learn about invention literacy, ways to use Makey Makey in your classroom, and see how teachers are already using Makey Makey in their classrooms around the globe!

Course Objectives

In this course you will learn cover these concepts:

  • See the World as a Construction Kit
    • Look at the world differently, with the inventor's eyes.
    • Start to see the world as a construction kit
    • Realize materials can be repurposed as inventions
    • Learn how this applies to Makey Makey?
  • Get Hands on Experience with Makey Makey
    • Learn how Makey Makey works
    • Learn about the components that come in the Makey Makey Invention kit
    • Understand the basics of creating a circuit
  • Learn how things work by building your own circuit to light up an LED!
    • Extension of learning how a circuit works
    • Learn the importance of and EARTH connection (aka ground)
    • Learn how a key input is the positive input that completes the circuit
  • Understand how Makey Makey works, so you can start building and coding your own inventions.
    • Learn to use your hands to control our apps
    • Learn how alligator clips extend connections
    • Learn what a conductive touchpad is and how to make one
    • Use Makey Makey and the power of the circuit to create different projects that control our MM apps.
  • Create a science experiment with things around your house. Make observations that energy can be transferred from place to place by electric currents.
    • Tinker with materials to learn what can be a conductive touchpad for Makey Makey inventions
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