Fun Fact Friday: Conductive Fabric and Makey Makey Wearables

November 20, 2020

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about conductive fabric and making wearables with Makey Makey! So this whole Fun Fact Friday post is dedicated to sewing circuits! Our head of digital content and community loves sewing circuits and here are all the materials and projects she recommends!

Fabric and Materials

Any fabric listed as conductive fabric should be fine to use with Makey Makey. Adafruit carries a lot of variety and would be a good resource. SparkFun also carries conductive fabric

Here are some items on Amazon that are similar to what is in our booster pack:

I love to use conductive fabric tape because I can mimic a circuit board layout with it on most materials (fabric or not!) Here is the tape I personally like to buy: 

  • Conductive Tape : Pro tip: Make sure what you buy has conductive adhesive

Some Fun Projects Ideas

  • Here are some fun favorite projects:  

Colleen's lab coat:



Fraser's lab coat that flies a drone! :



Sophy Wong's Flappy Hoodie:




More awesome resources about wearables!




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