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Fun Fact Friday: Need more inputs?

August 17, 2018

Ever need more inputs for your inventions? Are you curious about how to use the inputs on the back of your Makey Makey? This quick video explains how can you control games with W A S D inputs.  

Why W A S D ?

Wondering why we choose to map the back header to W A S D ?

These keys are standard controls in a lot of online games. We think that might be because they are the keys furthest to the left that will allow you to control movement with your left hand, while your right hand uses the mouse. In most of these games, 'W' moves your character up, 'D' to the right, 'A' to the left, and 'S' moves your character backward. 

Wanna try it out? Here is a whole studio in Scratch with WASD games! 

BTW, if you want to use these inputs as different keys, you can always remap them here: 

Curious about OUTPUT? 

Ever notice the OUTPUT header on the back of the board? Wanna know how to make an LED light up? This video is part of a Labz tutorial on "Simple Circuits" but if you just wanna know how to control an LED with a key press, watch this below!

Play Doh Switch?

Something that is really fun about Makey Makey is that you and your students can make basic electronic components with every day materials. This quick video shows you how to make a switch out of Play Doh for controlling and blinking an LED. 

We'd love to see your inventions utilizing the back of the board and output! Please share with us by tagging #makeymakey on your favorite social media!

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