#FunFactFriday: Grant Writing Tips for Teachers

April 28, 2023

Writing a grant to get the Makey Makey STEM Pack for your classroom? Needs some tips or ideas for fleshing out your grant? This post is here to help.

Makey Makey is a fantastic tool for teaching STEM concepts in a fun and engaging way. Here are some resources and information that may help you in your grant application to secure Makey Makey for your classroom:

    1. Educational Benefits: Highlight the educational benefits of Makey Makey in your grant proposal. Makey Makey is a versatile and interactive invention kit that can be used to teach various STEM concepts, including electrical circuits, conductivity, coding/programming, and creative problem-solving. Emphasize how Makey Makey can enhance your students' learning experiences and support their development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
    2. Alignment with Curriculum: Demonstrate how Makey Makey aligns with your school's curriculum and standards. Provide specific examples of how Makey Makey can be integrated into your K-5 STEM curriculum to meet specific learning objectives. For example, you can use Makey Makey to create interactive projects related to topics like simple machines, math, ecosystems, or electricity.
    3. Engaging and Hands-on Learning: Highlight the hands-on and interactive nature of Makey Makey. Explain how Makey Makey can provide your students with opportunities to engage in active learning, inquiry exploration, and experimentation, which can enhance their understanding of STEM concepts and foster a love for STEM learning.
    4. Creativity and Innovation: Emphasize how Makey Makey encourages creativity and innovation. Makey Makey allows students to invent and design their own interactive projects using everyday objects as inputs, such as fruits, vegetables, or other conductive materials. This helps students think like an inventor and see the world as a construction kit. Highlight how Makey Makey can inspire your students to think creatively, develop their own unique ideas, and express themselves through inventive projects.
    5. Cross-curricular Integration: Highlight how Makey Makey can be integrated into various subject areas beyond STEM, such as art, music, and social studies. Makey Makey provides opportunities for interdisciplinary learning and can support cross-curricular connections, allowing students to explore and apply STEM concepts in real-world contexts. 
    6. Professional Development: Consider including a request for professional development opportunities for yourself and other teachers in your grant proposal. Training sessions or workshops on how to effectively use Makey Makey in the classroom can enhance your instructional strategies and ensure successful implementation of the technology in your classroom.
    7. Budget and Justification: Provide a detailed budget for acquiring Makey Makey, including the cost of the invention kits, any additional accessories or materials needed, and any relevant taxes or shipping costs. Justify the cost by highlighting the educational value and long-term impact of incorporating Makey Makey into your classroom. 
    8. Evaluation and Assessment: Consider including an evaluation and assessment plan in your grant proposal. Outline how you will assess the impact of Makey Makey on your students' learning outcomes, such as through pre- and post-assessments, student reflections, or qualitative feedback. This can help demonstrate the effectiveness of Makey Makey in your classroom and justify the investment.
    9. Sustainability Plan: Consider including a sustainability plan in your grant proposal to demonstrate how Makey Makey will be used and maintained beyond the grant period. Highlight how you will integrate Makey Makey into your long-term curriculum and instructional practices, and how you plan to secure additional funding or support to sustain the use of Makey Makey in your classroom in the future.
    10. Supportive Data and Research: Include any relevant research, case studies, or success stories that demonstrate the effectiveness of Makey Makey in improving student learning outcomes, engagement, or creativity. This can provide evidence-based support for your grant proposal and strengthen your argument for the need of Makey Makey in your classroom. Here are a few articles to get you started.
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