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Inspirational STEAM Projects from Educators!

July 20, 2022

Looking for inspirational ideas to use in your classroom? Here are some open ended and engaging projects we've seen teachers employ in their own classrooms!

Game Controllers

Code a game and build a game controller. The more divergent the controller the better!

This short video shows the incredible potential of custom cardboard controllers using Makey Makey! Video courtesy of AlexVsCoding.

Musical and Collaborative

Makey Makey musical projects are one of our favorite! And collaborative musical projects are even better!

This amazing project was designed and implemented at the Friends School in Philadelphia, PA. The students were given a "Project LEO" challenge (LEO = Love Each Other) with the goal being to enhance community and connection among students at the school. The central staircase was turned into an interactive experience using Makey Makey. The first handprint at the bottom of the staircase was designated as "earth" (ground) and then each successive handprint going up the staircase was assigned to a different input on the Makey Makey which correlated to a pop music song with a theme of love and connection (This project was coded in Scratch.)

This is one of our all time favorite proejcts! Using the Makey Makey and some basic supplies, this school created a giant layer of mats that created pleasant chimes when students walked down the hallway!

​This site will walk you through how to create one of your own, and the steps necessary to make sure it is successful. This project is an excellent way to show off music technology and composition to expose your class to students and administrators alike.

Our Head of Content made this project for a Carnival Themed STEAM Day. Learn more and see the other projects in this post.  

User Innovation

Great montage of user innovation upon Makey Makey's debut! 

San Angelo Librarians in a Makey Makey workshop were challenged to solve a problem in their makerspace with Makey Makey. 

Problem: Patrons need to sign a waiver when they enter the makerspace.

Solution: Create a sock puppet to remind someone to sign a waiver as they pick up the pencil to sign in.



Problem: Teen librarians find it difficult to get teenagers to play games well collaboratively.

Solution: Build a unique game controller system and a game that requires teens to play together in order to win the game.

    Assistive Technology Solutions

    There are so many amazing educators using Makey Makey as Assistive Technology, check out this post to learn more

    • Chelsea Rutledge is a Mathematics teacher at Calera High School in Calera, AL. She taught her students about Design Thinking by challenging them to design, build, and deliver custom DIY game controllers for fellow students in need. 

    More Amazing Makers and More Resources

    There are so many amazing makers sharing resources out there! Here are some great ones to check out for inspiration!

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