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Interactive Sheet Music with Makey Makey

April 21, 2022

Inspired by Instructables

We were blown away by this Instructable by Lina Maria: Teaching Music, a MUSIC SHEET That Actually SOUNDS!


Check out this Instructable: 

Teaching Music, a MUSIC SHEET That Actually SOUNDS!


Using a Die Cutting or Vinyl Cutter Machine

We ran with Lina's idea and cut our own sheet music and added a playable piano on the side!

Make Your Own

Want to make your own with your own cutting machine? We've got a couple of Tik Tok's showing how we made our own.



Want to know how we made literal sheet music you can play? ##odetojoychallenge ##FreshLifeChallenge ##cricutprojects ##diycrafts ##musicteachersoftiktok

♬ Here I Am - Clutch

 Maybe you want to create a new song?



Creating playable sheet music for ##MakeyMakey piano! Skill smashing ##cricutprojects ##adobeillustrator and ##PaperCircuit for max fun! ##diy


Easy Interactive Sheet Music Setup

Maybe you don't have a diecut machine and want a straightforward way to replicate this sheet music idea with students.  We've been tinkering and we have a pretty straightforward set up!


1. Print out a blank Interactive Sheet Music

2. Place conductive tape from one of our booster kits on the back of printed scale for each note.

3. On the front side, attach alligator clips to each musical note and connect to Makey Makey. Draw where you want to place musical notes.

4. On the front of the sheet music. Push brass fasteners through for each note you want to play. 

5. Make sure to press the fasteners on the back so the fastener makes contact with the tape. (Also make sure it only touches each note you want to play.)

6. Hold EARTH and touch each note to play the song!

Share your own!

Let us know if you make your own, and make sure you follow our social accounts for more ideas on what to Makey Makey. 


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