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Italian Makey Makey Manual for Accessibility

March 23, 2022

Cristina D'Arienzo attended one of our Makey Makey Certified Educator workshops this last fall. 

Since that time, she's created a Makey Makey guide/manual as a project for La Casa di Sabbia. This guide is written as a way to help parents create assistive technology for their children with disabilities. The idea is that these families can start to use Makey Makey on their own and experience this great technology at home. 

Download the Italian Manuale from La Casa Di Sabbia and see more resources covering accessibility from La Casa Di Sabbia.
There are many adaptable utilities, but not many toys for these children, and the action of this project by Cristina and La Casa di Sabbia is to let every child play!

This Manual is the result of the inclusive workshops of visual programming that La casa di sabbia organizes at schools in the Aosta Valley (primary and lower secondary school). During the workshops, pupils plan and carry out activities, such as stories to be browsed on the computer, for the pupil with disabilities in the classroom.

The Manual is based on the official material of Makey Makey, with the results achieved by La casa di sabbia in collaboration with Cristina d'Arienzo and the layout by Lisa Orrico. 

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