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February 11, 2020

Happy Valentine's Week!

Valentine's is around the corner and we are feeling the love on our social channels! We think our community is the best and we wanted to highlight some great work we've seen posted by you because we think you are fabulous! 

The First Coder Dojo in Iraq

Nadia Al-Aboody, one of our most recent Makey Makey ambassadors, recently shared these pictures of the opening of the First Coder Dojo in Iraq. Follow their journey on Facebook at Coder's Growth Leader and Khutwa center their CoderDojo growth partner in Iraq.

Nadia shared these pictures with us on our Facebook educators group. (Images courtesy of the Raspberry Pi Foundation)

"Hello lovely community. Today we launched our first ever CoderDojo in Iraq. We had two stations Scratch and Makey Makey 😍. We used the instructions for lighting a LED using the materials in Instructables. It was an amazing session and the eyes of those children were 'LED' up! 😊"

Nadia is really an amazing educator! We are so indebted to her for the work she is doing for her community.

Just last week we published an "Is it Conductive?" guide on Instructables, Nadia tried it at her Coder Dojo in Iraq the next day!

It's pretty amazing to publish a guide and see students create it on the other side of the world almost instantaneously! (See The Coder Dojo post here.)

Making Music

Last month, Ryan Yu, the Director of Educational Technology at American School Hong Kong, posted this really sweet handmade Makey Makey instrument.

On Twitter, Ryan mentioned,"We are planning a new #STEAM unit with our #Music department. Students are going to create their musical #instruments using #MakeyMakey and #Scratch. This is the prototype of #xylophone I made as an example of this project. We use the STEM design process above to create the instruments with students. Our students will go through the process: define, research, imagine, plan, create, test and evaluate to build their own instruments."  

Scratch Themed Photobooth by Eric Schilling

Before the holidays, we also saw this super cool project by Eric Schilling of Scratch. He created a Scratch-themed Makey Makey photobooth for an event at the new home of the Scratch Foundation. 

Scratch Day in China

Mitch Resnick sent us this awesome photo from a Scratch Day event in Shanghai! What a great way to celebrate Chinese New Year!


Makey Makey on Swiss TV

Dominik Strobel, an educator in Switzerland, shared this awesome news with us over email!

"You sponsored ICT Scout/Campus in 2016 with 50 Makey Makey boards some three years ago. After a 3-year pilot phase, we are now swiftly expanding. Our latest campus inauguration made it on TeleZüri, the local TV station, the first and oldest and probably biggest regional TV station in Switzerland.

The clip shows the first day at the new ICT campus located at the University of Zurich for 10 new ICT talents. The assignment is to program a game in Scratch and then to build the matching peripherals with cardboard and Makey Makey."


 Click here to watch Makey Makey on Swiss TV


Our Valentine to You!

We adore getting these positive global postcards that showcase our our community is utilizing our Makey Makey invention kit! Here's a little valentine from us to you!


Makey Makey Valentine Instructables


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