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March 31, 2022
Last month we asked the community to share what you love about Makey Makey, and share storage tips and more! 
Check out these awesome ideas from maker educators just like you!

Storage Tips

Sharee shares a great photo box solution! We love how each Makey Makey kit fits in a photo box and the whole STEM pack can be in one bit box!

We loves the mash up of supplies Darshell added in these pencil boxes! Bare Conductive is a great way to make anything conductive, and those elbow patches from Chibitronics are the cutest! (And the best thing for repairing paper circuits!)

Old VHS tapes

Paula Corley at White Oaks Elementary stores her Makey Makey kits in old VHS boxes! How retro cool is that? Since these are clear you can see all the contents and what a great reuse!

vhs box as Makey Makey storage


Project Ideas

Lots of teachers shared some of their favorite projects on social. So many great ideas on Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Pinterest! (Do you follow us there?)

We love this Interactive Poetry example from the Mobile Innovation Lab. (Want your students to try this? We have some great poetry guides on our how to page! Try out Sketch it Play it Poetry or reuse old books or newspapers and make Black-out Poetry.


We also love all the different creative ways teachers are tinkering with circuitry!  Arcade Classroom's students are finding out what materials are conductive. 

 T Laraba's students are also finding out what is conductive but with a completely different activity. (What this paper circuit print out?) 


Sarah Jenkins set up a "Would you rather...." station with her Makey Makey kit! She asked kids if they would rather their sound like a chicken or a sheep when they laughed. 🤣😂

Susie Stewart shared a lot of great student examples of Makey Makey projects. The Challenge was to make an interactive miniature museum using Makey Makey and block code from Scratch and repurposed resources. 

Photo from Susan Stewart

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