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Makey Makey Ambassador Update!

October 02, 2019

Last month we announced that our ambassador window is open! Since then the applications have been pouring in and we wanted to share some of the awesome work from our Instructables Teacher Community! Also, if you are still interested in applying, don't worry! There are two weeks left before we review applications and choose our Makey Makey Ambassador Class of 2019-2020. (Read more here if you want to apply.)

Identifying and Managing Our Emotions With Makey Makey by Elena Vercher (Spain)

In this instructable, students will draw their own emotion monster, code it in Scratch, and then a full book can be compiled of all the students' work!

Genius Hour With Makey Makey! by Elena Vercher (Spain)

If you are interested in Genius Hour, but haven't known how to schedule it, this is a great guide for getting started with the timing of this open concept!

Talking Paper Dolls to Build Character Development and SEL Student Connections by Naomi Harm (Arizona)

We love that Naomi used the Doll-E guide to support social, emotional, learning! She even includes a list of books about influential women in STEM!

Makey Makey Conductive Doll/Toy by Helen Kardiasmenos

In this instructable you'll use the picture book Doll- E 1.0 to inspire students to design a toy for a friend. This is a great way to introduce design thinking to ele-makers! (Elementary makers) 

Interactive Fall Number Story With Makey Makey by Barb Seaton

Make numbers and stories click with this quick project by Barb Seaton. What a fun way to make math and literacy tactile!

Makey Makey Exit Ticket Data Collector by Simon Fittock

In this guide you'll learn how to hack the exit ticket guide to export data to Excel! How cool is that?

Makey Makey & Scratch Guitar by Simon Fittock

Turn your Makey Makey up to 11 with this guide on changing pitch in Scratch! Now your students can rock out on their cardboard guitars!

MakeyMakey Game Controller (3D Printed) by Simon Fittock

Learn to design in Tinkercad and create your own game controller in this multi-faceted guide!

Makey Makey Two Button Challenge by Matthew Moore aka Always Computing

We just interviewed Matt a couple of weeks ago, you should read about his workshop at the Scratch Europe conference here. He told us about this Two Button Challenge idea during that, so we are stoked to see an instructables for other teachers posted! It is a great way to get kids to explore the possibilities in creating and coding a complex game for a fairly simple physical build!

Interactive Wind Chimes by Frazer Merrick

Perpetual Chimes from Frazer Merrick on Vimeo.

Last year we interviewed Frazer for his work at Signals, and we are blown away with this Interactive Wind Chimes guide using Makey Makey, Scratch, and Raspberry Pi!

All of these guides are a wonderful example of how our community is so great at sharing the possibilities! We can't wait to announce our newest ambassadors and there is still time if you want to apply!

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