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Makey Makey Game Design Challenge at Fairgreen International School

May 31, 2022

Johanna Wild teaches at Fairgreen International School in Dubai. As an international school, they follow the  IB / UK curriculum. She's been teaching for over 12 years within the UK and UAE. She is currently head of Primary Science as well as Grade 3 classroom teacher. She is passionate about education and making it hands-on, fun, engaging and linked to real life.

Her 3rd and 4th grade students recently completed a science unit on electricity. They learned how to use Makey Makey, and then designed their own games using Makey Makey and Scratch. To complete their unit they presented their game ideas shark tank style.

They did an amazing job designing, creating, and presenting their projects. This unit allowed them to link their electricity science unit with ICT/coding as well as developing their presentation skills and their understanding of entrepreneurship.

Check out some of their projects!


These girls created a Dance Mat where the game had arrows to show you where to step and you received points for getting the moves right. The children also realized they could hold hands and play as a group.

Johanna: This game blew my mind!! it is a 3D board game called Escape the Rainforest - the characters all had metal feet so when you landed on a number connected to the Makey Makey it triggered a question in Scratch. The students wrote their own questions, recorded their voices, and coded the Scratch project. They even had a trap bird poo that if you landed on it, you had to miss a turn.

Check out this Scratch piano and how the students made a music book for others to play songs!

These students created all of their own game concepts, coded projects in Scratch, and then presented their ideas and projects in a final showcase.

These students made an Operation style game about collecting rubbish and saving the world! The object of the game to collect the rubbish that had been dumped in the sea and place it in the collection center on land. If you could get the rubbish to the collection center, you gained a point, but if you touched the wrong area with the metallic tweezers, you would lose a point.

We love seeing how imaginative students can be when given an open-ended challenge! Way to go students at Fairgreen International School!

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