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Makey Makey Training Partner Program Update

November 19, 2021

Many hands make light work! This saying never rang more true than it does right now in terms of STEAM education. Official Makey Makey Training Partners have been invaluable since the program's inception in 2016. 

We believe the best way to enable teachers to jump into STEAM is through professional development workshops offered by great organizations like yours. Getting hands-on with Makey Makey is the gateway to the Maker educator experience. Early on we knew that we couldn't do it on our own and that’s why we work to foster and cultivate a community of PD organizations, companies, and independent contractors  to reach more classrooms through a chorus of learning.

Since that first official partnership in 2016 we have worked tirelessly to enhance the network, train new participants, and continue to support the bigger goal of teaching and learning through making. We also have never stopped tinkering and thinking of ways to deepen the program. With 2021 coming to a close, we have been busy reflecting on our current format and ways that we can improve our network. 

Today we are officially announcing our updated Makey Makey Training Partner Program (TPP). The new program is similar to what we have offered our partners in the past, but we are streamlining the process of becoming a partner. We want to make running and advertising workshops easier. In general make the program scaleable and mutually beneficial for all! Still with the main focus of getting Makey Makey into the hands of educators.

Curious about the Training Partner Program and if you are eligible to become a partner organization? Read below for a simple breakdown of the updated program. If you are looking to become a partner organization, head over to our new Training Partners page for details about what it takes to become a partner organization and to schedule a meeting with us. 

We are also scheduling an informational webinar for potential partner organizations soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for more details!

Training Partnership Program Basic Requirements:

  1. Your business or non-profit organization must officially provide teacher professional development (PD) training as part of your established business. 
  2. Your trainers need Makey Makey training! They can gain this experience through our Certified Educator courses provided by us or one of our existing partners.
  3. In addition to the Certified Educator Course your trainers will need to attend our Training Partner seminar provided by us several times a year online.
  4. Attend our Annual Training Partner Update Meeting (in person at ISTE or virtually).
  5. There is an official service agreement between you and Joylabz / Makey Makey! This states expectations for both parties and will need to be renewed annually. The new agreement names individuals within your organization who have received Makey Makey training.

Training Partner Program Benefits

  1. No annual minimum number of workshops, participants, or reporting back to us. You do your thing and we are here to help and be cheerleaders! We have removed all previous requirements on partners in this area.
  2. Special discounts on Makey Makey products used for training purposes. Whether you are a for-profit company or non-profit organization, we provide a discount on Makey Makey products for use in workshops and to help get Makey Makey in the hands of your participants to take home. We also offer discounts for you to extend to your workshop participants.
  3. Program calendar. We have improved our workshop calendar so you can easily submit your PD workshop details and get the word out to prospective participants! It now supports both virtual and in-person workshops.
  4. Marketing assets and social media amplification. We will amplify your voice and point people to your amazing workshops, classes and presentations. Makey Makey provides images, videos, and logo files for you to use in creating training materials and marketing your workshop!
  5. Early access! We give our Training Partners early access to news about upcoming product releases, content and news. It never hurts to be in the know!

We are super excited to be launching our reworked Makey Makey Training Partner Program in 2022, and we hope that you and your organization will join us in spreading knowledge and getting more teachers hands-on with Makey Makey in the classroom. 

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