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Makey Your Own Interactive Exit Ticket with Scratch and Makey Makey

September 07, 2018

First: We Were Challenged to Makey Makey

Last week our content creator, Colleen Graves, was challenged on Twitter to Makey Makey a version of this informal exit rating system found in the Toronto International airport.

Seizing this design thinking moment to create something that fulfills a real need for teachers, Colleen set out to create two different systems. 

Second: Design Thinking in Action

One system is for librarians to track how many students come to the library by grade level:

The other system is for teachers to get a pulse on how students feel about a lesson.

You can find the full guide for making your own in Labz. (It's free and you don't even have to sign in to access it, but if you want to you can now sign in with your Google or Clever account!)

Third: An Exporting Data Hack from Simon Fittock

Our friend Simon Fittock, a teacher turn professional learning consultant who is working for an organization called Scitech in Perth, Western Australia shared a great hack to export this all of this data to a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.

We thought Scitech sounded like a really cool STEM environment and so we asked him about it. Simon says, "the focus of the organization is to increase participation and attainment levels in STEM and 21st Century Learning capabilities for school students all over the state. We provide professional learning for schools and teachers and showcase the most engaging, educational technology which can be used in schools." 

How cool is that? It was awesome of him to share this idea for exporting data from Scratch.

Here are his steps for creating the exit ticket feedback system in Scratch and exporting the data to an Excel spreadsheet:

  • With the Scratch project, I found out that you have to use a list instead of a set of variables (Scratch List). After you have the data in the list, right click on the list (in the Stage which has to be open in the ‘See inside’ function of the project) and export it as a .txt file. 

  • In Excel, create a new document, go to Data>Get Data>From File>From Text/CSV (Excel1) and choose the .txt file which you exported from Scratch.
  • After you have imported the data, right click on the file reference in the Query toolbar, click Edit (Excel2), change the data type to Whole number so it recognizes the data as a number instead of a string (Excel3).
  • Select the data and click on Insert>Bar Graph (Excel4). To refresh the data (if you add more values in scratch, then export it again to the same file location with the same file name) click the Refresh icon (white page with green circular arrows) and the data and graph will automatically update (Excel5).

Now it's your turn to CREATE!

Last but not least.....Now it's your turn to hack the system!

We noticed just last week that Jesus Huerta was promoting the idea of challenging kids to design their own Makey Makey wall! 

We love this idea and want to see what kids will come up with based on this idea of creating of an exit ticket/data tracker/feedback system.

Students can create switches like the ones in our guide, invent their own, or just find even more creative ways to create a Makey Makey Exit Ticket project.

If they get stuck, here are some ways to collaboratively problem solve:

All that is required for the challenge is to:

So we challenge you and your students to create your own Makey Makey Exit ticket polling project. Poll your friends about their favorite pizza toppings, create surveys about favorite books, or have students track their own learning.

We wanna see what you come up with and make!

Add you or your students' work to the gallery of this guide and share your project on Twitter using the hashtag #makeymakeychallenge

We will gather up all entries made throughout the month of September and share your work in a blog post. We will also choose 5 participants at random and send you an awesome Makey Makey swag kit. (Which includes but is not limited to: stickers, a super cool t-shirt, and posters.)

Makey On!


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