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New One Button Apps and Makey Go!

April 03, 2024

New One Button Apps! 

Sometimes you just want something simple! Introducing THREE new apps that work with the push of just one button! All of our new apps work by pressing space key. You can create random sounds, roll virtual dice, or play the runner game by helping Construction Carl jump over obstacles!



Random Sound Player App

Random Sound Player

The Random Sound Player is inspired by our Makey Makey Sampler. Simply record, or upload sounds, and this app will play each sound in sequence or shuffle sounds. 


Dice Roller App

Dice roller- green background with different sided dice

This Dice Roller app is inspired by our Scratch Workshop where we teach teachers how to create a random dice roller in Scratch. Simply add dice by choosing how many sides you want on your dice, then press space to roll the dice!


Runner App

construction carl running and jumping on red platforms

When Makey Makey first started, we loved playing the flash game Canabalt with stomp pads. With the Runner app, you can help Construction Carl get to the end of his construction site! With the tap of just one button! 


Makey Go is back in stock!

Makey Go Packaging in the foreground and a hand touching an orange

What is Makey Go?

Makey Go is back in stock with some fresh new packaging! 

The Makey Makey Go is a small, portable device that allows you to turn everyday objects into touchpads or other inputs for your computer. It has three key features:

Ready (Gear icon): Switches between the default inputs (click and spacebar) and remap mode. When the Go is in spacebar or keypress mode, the tail end is red and flashes green when activated.

Hand touches go and tail end is red
When Go is in “click”  mode, the tail end of Go is blue and flashes green when activated.
Finger touches go and tail end of go is green.
  • You can remap the space key to another key, but click will always be click.
  • Set (Play icon): This calibrates the Go to the capacitance of the object connected to the alligator clip.

Finger touches the set icon on Makey go to set the capacitance

  • Go! (Plus icon): This is where you connect your objects with an alligator clip and then touch the object to control your computer. This sensor is waiting for a touch so that the Go will activate. 

 gif of set up instructions, ready, set, go!

The Makey Go relies on capacitive sensing, which means that it doesn't need to complete a circuit to work. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for inventions. For example, you could:

  • Squeeze a water bottle full of water
  • Tap a lemon
  • Jump on foil
  • Use conductive filament to 3D print an tappable object of your own design!
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