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New Project November: Match the Beat Controller

November 07, 2022

It's New Project November! Every week in November we are sharing new projects to try with your Makey Makey Invention Kit. Share your own ideas on social with #NewProjectNovember

Image of Match the Beat

This week we are checking out how to make a two player controller for our Match the Beat app. 


@makeymakeykit You can def beat our #MakeyMakey Match the Beat score! Here’s how to make a 2 player controller for this app with our Player 2 backpack. #STEM #STEAM #Projects #teachersoftiktok ♬ original sound - Makey Makey


  1. All you have to do is create four contacts for player one and connect to the arrow keys inputs. (We used slinkys for player one)
  2. Plug in the Player 2 Backpack, and connect four more contacts to WASD. (We used Playdoh for Player 2)
  3. Create an EARTH strip beneath the controllers or wear an EARTH bracelet.
  4. Make sure to set the app to 2 players in the control panel, and start playing!

Hands playing slinkys and playdoh to control a computer app

Diagram for wiring your controllers

Wiring for player one and player 2
Attaching the Makey Makey Backpack
Attaching backpack
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