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New Scratch 3.0 Extension for Makey Makey!

January 09, 2019

Hello 2019 and Scratch 3.0! 

The new Scratch is here AND it has a Makey Makey Extension. This extension has a super cool new block that allows you to make secret codes and gesture controls for your Scratch games and implement them with Makey Makey!

Gesture Controlled Scratch

This new extension allows you to implement gesture control. You could do this before in Scratch by making lists, but this extension makes it easier to add physical gesture controls to your games.

Here is an example of gesture control with Scratch before the extension:

 And here is a super quick example with the new extension:

Try this Scratch game yourself and make your own gesture controlled controller! (Or make your own game and controller!)

Secret Codes in Scratch

You can also use this extension to put secret codes in your game that add a bonus feature or use it as an integral part of your game.

The "when pressed in order" block is based off of secret codes from 1980s Konami games, dubbed "the Konami Code."

↑  ↑  ↓  ↓  ←  →  ← → 

Check out Eric Rosenbaum's Beatbox Quartet and see what happens when you enter the Konami Code! 


Labz Guide

We think this could be a fun game design challenge, to create secret codes! So we are releasing this new labz guide to spark your student's interest in creating a secret code game. Plus, we think it could make a fun puzzle to solve as part of Breakout Edu game! Let us know what you think of this idea and if you use it with your students.

 Labz Guide: Secret Codes with Scratch 3 Extension


We are ever so stoked about the release of Scratch 3.0! We are in the process of updating our Labz guide resources with Scratch 3.0 and we have more fun in the works! More soon!


Join Tom and Colleen next week for an informal meetup on our favorite new Scratch features! 

 If you missed our webinar, you can view our slide deck below and a recording below that from our Youtube channel.

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