The new Code-a-Key Backpack! Bringing the Makey Makey and the BBC micro:bit together for more invention fun!

Now Available for Purchase!

April 17, 2017

The STEM classroom pack is now available for purchase at the introductory price of $599.95!

We have created the ultimate resource for teachers who want to bring the Makey Makey into their classrooms! The STEM pack allows teachers across subjects to use the Makey Makey to create physical interfaces to all kinds of work being done on computers. From hacking poetry. to sculpting the digestive system, to exploring art history, not to mention game design and circuitry, you will find the potential for invention is endless!

“The STEM Pack is the result of a year’s worth of conversations with educators about what they would most want in a classroom set. The $200 of free supplies that come with the kit will allow students to complete a wide range of projects. It’s these inventing supplies that will making such a positive difference when it comes to releasing the genius of young minds.” - Tom Heck, VP of Education Initiatives.

The Makey Makey STEM Pack contains:

  • 12 Makey Makey Classics,
  • 12 alligator clips 6ft,
  • 12 6ft connector wires,
  • 72 extra alligator clips,
  • 144 connector wires for the back,
  • 12 Makey Makey optimized conductive graphite pencils, and a super cool case to keep it all tidy.

Each of the 12 Makey Makeys has its own box that comes out of the case containing the Makey Makey, USB cable, 7 alligator clips, 6 connector wires, and how-to booklet.

Watch Makey Makey's VP of Education Tom Heck and Darcy Grimes open their STEM pack.

Need project inspiration for your new STEM pack?

We've created Makey Makey Labz, a platform for people to share project guides and lesson plans - a great place to start. If you want to go further and want training for you or your teachers on how to use Makey Makey in the classroom - we offer Makey Makey professional development.


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