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March 16, 2023

We are so excited to offer a course as part of the Pathfinders Summer Institute 2023! This will be our 4th time to participate and we just love being able to share the love of invention literacy and Makey Makey with teachers!

This course is designed to be 40 hours of synchronous and asynchronous learning from June13th- 22nd.

US K-12 public school teachers who are eligible will receive a full scholarship to participate.

Makey Makey blends the best of the maker world with computer science. We focus on hands-on building techniques for the ultimate in physical computing inventions. Participants in this workshop will learn how Makey Makey works and how to integrate invention literacy into your classroom. The course starts with our plug-and-play apps and ends with programming in Scratch and Microsoft MakeCode Arcade. Participants will see the world as a construction kit by using provided materials in conjunction with items found around you to build a foundation of invention skills. At the end of this course, you will be challenged to combine your physical inventions with coding to create your own assistive technology device.

Participants will come away from this course with:

  • The confidence to introduce students in grades 4-10 to block-based coding, circuits, and inventing using our approachable and accessible toolkit.
  • Project and curriculum ideas to engage and inspire students of all learning styles to unleash inventive potential.

This course is intended for educators who want to enable students to design inventive ways to engage with their own learning through self-driven, hands-on activities that balance screentime with physical craft and construction. Each participant will be provided with a Makey Makey, Backpack bundle, and a kit of essential supplies. You will supply the laptop or home computer with a USB-A port or USB Adapter. (Note: Makey Makey works with any computer that accepts USB keyboard input and requires no special set up or software installation).


Register for a Summer Scholarship!


As part of the registration process, all applicants are required to complete an acceptance letter signed by the K12 educator and the principal/administrator of their school. This is a mandatory requirement. We will manage this entire process on behalf of the Foundation and we will share the letter once you have been accepted into the course.

Time Commitment: Please confirm availability before registering.

This course takes place from June 13th- June 22nd. You are required to attend live classes from 10 am - 4 pm EST and spend approximately two hours asynchronously on daily assignments (for a total of 40 hours time commitment).
Please check your calendar to make sure you are available for live sessions on June 13, 15, 19, 21.
Summer 2023 Infosys Agenda


Registration closed May 25th!


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