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August 02, 2022

July was full of Teacher Professional Development. Not only are we currently leading our InfyPathfinders Summer Institute, but we are seeing so many great PDs held around the country!

Infosys Pathfinders

Our two week long summer institute hosted by the Infosys Foundation USA is focused on learning the basics of circuits and Makey Makey with daily hands-on exploration. We are delving further into the world of invention literacy by building Scrappy Circuits, sharing the basics of electronics and cardboard building, and helping teachers learn how to create expressive interactive art. We are creating cardboard instruments, crafting alarms with office supplies, and more!

It is so awesome to see teachers taking these ideas and running with them! We've seen a syllable counter created with our Sampler web app, hula hoop game controllers, and we still have a few days left to learn from these amazing educators.



How else could you use a momentary switch? Cat Selfie anyone?


Jenn S made this Adaptive Response Controller as part of our workshop's "Makey Makey Apps Challenge." She created a controller out of cardboard and foil that you control with your feet and paired it with our Make a Sketch app

During our Scrappy Circuits portion of the workshop teachers are really learning how to make weird and wacky switches. Check out Sylvia's switches, along with this epic knife switch build she found at BrownDog Gadgets.

STEM Camp EDU at FluxSpace io

While we've been having fun in our virtual workshop, Makey Makey trainer Ryne Anthony is hosting an epic STEM Camp Edu at Fluxspace io. We are always wowed by this annual event. Teachers are inspired by Caine's Arcade and they build GIANT controllers... like this one!


Giant Operation Game

One group even made their own Flappy Bird game with Ryne as the Flappy head!



 Here are some more cool #MakeyMakey switch ideas on display at Fluxspace io!



Feeling the FOMO?

If you feel like you are missing out, you should join our next Makey Certified Educator Workshop. It is just around the corner on Sept 1st!

This workshop is designed for teachers who have experience teaching Makey Makey with students, but want to know how to further this work! 

Registration Currently Open for September 1st, 11AM - 2PM US Eastern Time/ NYC! 

Register Now!



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