Spooky and Fun Fall Project Ideas with Makey Makey!

October 04, 2023

What sound does a pumpkin make?

Use our Halloween Sampler (or upload your own spooky sounds) and plug an input to foil and set a pumpkin on it. You can make a 9 pumpkin sound board in this way. Just hold EARTH and touch each pumpkin to play sounds. If you want more detailed instructions, our pumpkin soundboard was inspired by this Instructables from Miriam Flop. 

Is Candy Corn Conductive? Can we use it to play Match the Beat?

Is Candy corn conductive? Test it out and if your candy corn isn't working out, test more items and when you find a conductive fall item, plug and play our Match the Beat web app!

Fall Interactive Number Story

Check out this Instructable guide by Barb Seaton that shows you how to make interactive numbers that will read you a story about pumpkins!

Hack Halloween Lights with Makey Makey

Maybe you want to try using Makey Makey to tinker with Output? You can hack Halloween lights with this quick tutorial from Brilliant Labs.

Come back next week for more fun Halloween and fall inspired ideas on what you can invent with Makey Makey!




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