STEM Pack Giveaway Announced!

December 14, 2018

Last month we announced our #makeygrateful STEM pack giveaway! 

We've scoured the entries and we are stoked to announce the winners LIVE via  Zoom, our Youtube channel, and Facebook Live.  Jay Silver and Colleen Graves announced our winners on Tuesday, December 18th at 11:00 am CST.  Watch below to hear more about the educators who are receiving these STEM Packs!


Kimberly Boyce from Piney Point Elementary

Kimberly works at a Title One school in Houston, Texas. Get a glimpse of her work and her STEM lab on Scratch Educator stories!

Kimberly submitted multiple Labz guides, but we were especially intrigued by this Labz Guide: Biography Bottles. Our team found this entry an imaginative and playful way to combine research, history, and coding. 

Kimberly often creates amazing maker education resources with Bradley Quentin also in Houston ISD at Sinclair Elementary. They created this guide together!


 Labz Guide: 

 Check out Kimberly's Twitter and Blog.


Laura Collins from Toronto, Ontario

Laura is an early childhood educator in Canada. She creates a ton of resources that you can learn more about by following her on Twitter or checking out her Blog.

Our team was impressed with the documentation in her Labz Guide: Code a Musical Pattern. We enjoyed the way this taught early elementary students how to set up Makey Makey, but also do a little barefoot coding. 


Labz Guide: Code a Musical Pattern

Check out her Twitter and Blog

Jamie Harbin, 
STEAM Integration Coach at B.B. Comer Elementary

Jamie is a Google Certified Educator, Nearpod Certified Educator, GEMS Club Sponsor, 2018 BBCES Teacher of the Year from Sylacauga, Alabama.

Her Labz Guide: Makey Makey an Environmental Differenceis a unique and imaginative way to look at problem solving for the future. In this guide, students create an imaginative school that is powered by alternative energy.


Labz Guide: Makey Makey an Environmental Difference

Follow her on Twitter


 Kim Wilkens at St. Anne’s Belfield Day School in Charlottesville, Virginia

Kim Wilkens is a tech activist passionate about technology, education & social justice at St. Anne’s Belfield Day School in Charlottesville,Virginia.

Our team thinks Kim's Labz Guide: Game Controller Design Challenge is a great guide for teaching accessibility and social/ emotional learning. We love the way this guide combines design thinking and empathy to challenge students in creating a game controller for a gamer with physical challenges.

"The game controller design challenge gives students the opportunity to problem solve for real users needing custom mods for their unique physical challenges. "




Labz Guide: Game Controller Design Challenge

Check out Kim's Twitter and Blog


 Karen Wylie of The Thinkery in Austin, Texas

Karen Wylie is a learner and educator in Austin, Tx. We love her quote on Twitter as it alines with our company's mission. “Remember, it is punk as heck to be kind and curious.”

Karen created multiple Labz guides, one for making Makey Makey Olympic Hurdles and another for Olympic Fencing. Our team thought this was a great combo of coding and physical activity. Plus, this hurdle guide is actually ALWAYS activating a switch, and the player has to physical jump, to get the over a hurdle in the game. How cool is that?


Labz Guide:  Makey Makey Olympic Hurdles

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Congratulations on the STEM packs, ya'll! We can't wait to see what you Makey Makey next! 

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