Popular Project Guides of 2018!

December 21, 2018

Over the past year, teacher created content has grown! We wanted to take some time to reflect on this growth and share some of the best new content created by you! 

Note: All images are from the creator of each Labz guide! 

Popular New Guides

11. Create an Interactive Global Map by Ian Matty

"Learn how to create a Makey Makey interactive map (which is really just a different form of a poster!). You will also get a look at a project that uses remapping, provides a helpful document to track your remapped connections, and how to seamlessly connect two MaKey MaKeys."

10. Creating Makey Makey Instruments by Kyle Kitchen

"Make a musical instrument with Makey Makey and Scratch!"

9. Classroom Assistant by Amber Bridge

"Learners will use a Makey Makey and Scratch to create a classroom assistant that will offer directions, questions, and/or advice for students in a classroom."

8. Back of the Board Tutorial by Makey Makey

"Ever need more inputs for your inventions? Are you curious about how to use the inputs on the back of your Makey Makey? This guide will show you how to navigate the back of your Makey Makey and explain how to use the OUTPUT header."

7. Making and Literacy with Doll-E 1.0 by Colleen Graves

Did you know Makey Makey is in a picture book? There is even a dog playing a banana picture in this adorable STEM-focused book by Shanda McCloskey

"In this guide, you will be inspired to make your own creation after reading Doll-E 1.0. Then you'll program your creation with Scratch!"

6. Game Buzzers by Cheryl Burgemeister

"Learn how to make a game buzzer that can be used in any lesson!" 

5. Interactive Posters with Scratch by Bradley Quentin and Kimberly Boyce

"This project demonstrates the way our students use the Makey Makey to connect posters to a Scratch project. Students conduct research on a topic and create a Scratch project that shares their learning. They then design and make a poster about their research that complements the Scratch project. Finally they connect the two for an interactive display."



4. Gigantic Playable Makey Makey by Makey Makey

"A few educators on our Facebook group took tinkering to a whole new level this school year by making their own giant Makey Makeys. Our team thought this was a great idea for teaching students about microcontrollers. Hence, we asked our Director of Creative Content to create a free guide for making your own functional gigantic Makey Makey."

3. Makey Makey Skee Ball Game by Kyle Kitchen

"Learn to design a skeeball game using paper pressure sensors and Scratch."




2. Makey Makey Musical Instruments Turtle Art Mashup by C Sweeney

"In this project, my student used 21st Century Skills and Design Thinking and information from Cooper Hewitts' website to create their MakeyMakey Musical Instruments TurtleArt Mashup."


1. Makey Your Own Exit Ticket/Data Tracker/Voting Machine by Colleen Graves

This number one new guide we've seen made all over the globe! Teachers use this guide to track students learning, but now we are seeing teacher's use this same guide as a voting machine!

"In this guide, you'll learn how to make your own data tracker by creating multiple switches and a counting system in Scratch."

Now that Labz syncs with Google Classroom, we hope that teachers and educators are getting more out of these awesome guides.

Here are some of the most viewed Classic guides this year!

Popular Classic Guides

6. Box Accordion by Josh Burker

"Although the website calls it a “Simple Box,” you can simply turn the Makey Makey packaging into an accordion using the Makey Makey’s mouse movement inputs and a clever hack of a website."



5. Create a Controller to Plug and Play by Makey Makey

"Learn how to make a game controller out of everyday stuff!"



4. Car Tracks by Josh Burker 

"Simple switches added to Matchbox car-style tracks augment the car action by adding a Scratch backdrop. Create sound and visual effects. Re-create famous (and infamous) road trips. More advanced uses might include using multiple switches and Scratch to time the car’s travel on the track. " 



3. Simple Circuits Challenge by Colleen Graves

"In this lab, you will create your own simple circuit with Makey Makey, building simple switches, and once you've mastered that, you'll move on to parallel circuits."



2. Sound Tubes by Josh Burker

"You will create a tilt switch “Makey Makey Tube” with a ground and a key connection. First you will make the marble conductive. Next you will connect the completed tilt switch to the Makey Makey. An example Scratch project reacts to the closing of the circuits detected by the Makey Makey."


1. Distance, Rate, and Time for Math/Science/Physics by Aaron and Colleen Graves

"How does acceleration change from a downward drop, to a flat surface, to an uphill ramp? With Makey Makey and Scratch you can measure the change in rate over your desired distance and catch the correct time as your toy car drives over simple DIY switches."


We look forward to seeing what teachers Makey Makey in 2019! Happy new year, ya'll! 

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