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Bubble Pop Controller for Makey Mouse Backpack

The Makey Mouse Backpack breaks out your mouse controls to "gator bites" so you can easily clip to fun items for unique drag and drop experiences! Try out this simple foil controller with a piece of fruit to control your computer mouse!

Step One

Let's test out your new Makey Mouse Backpack to create a unique computer mouse!

Grab some scrap cardboard, a piece of fruit, and kitchen foil and let's get started!

Step Two

Use a gluestick to cover four cardboard scraps with foil. Each conductive touchpoint will control a direction of your mouse. You need one for up, down, left and right mouse movement. You will also need a click! You can invent your own click, or use a metal binder clip, paper clip, or clothespin to be your mouse click!

For this controller, your orange will be earth. You will connect yourself to EARTH, then use the orange to roll to each conductive touchpad.


Step Three

 Grab your Makey Mouse Backpack. It's green!

Align all pins on the backpack board with the headers on Makey Makey.  

Gently squeeze the boards together with even pressure, making sure all pins enter the corresponding holes. 

 Now alligator clip each conductive foil toucpad to your Makey Mouse backpack. Connect the top pad to the up movement, the left pad to left movement, etc. 

Step Four

Hold EARTH with one hand or connect EARTH to your wrist with our wristband from the Get Up and Go Booster kit, and hold the orange to roll to each mouse connection. 


Invent your mouse click! Use a metal office supply, draw a button, or make another piece of foil to tap for mouse click. Connect it to the left click input on the Makey Mouse backpack.  

Open our Bubble Pop app to test your new mouse controller!

Click and drag to pop bubbles or move mouse and click to pop.



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