Our Code-a-Key Backpack (an adapter for the BBC micro:bit) is BACK IN STOCK at the Makey Shop!

Door stop Joystick for Player 2 Backpack

Ever wanted to add a second player? Plug in this backpack to instantly double your game controls and double the fun! Enable Player 2 with this gamer-rific backpack and create custom game controllers along with friends.  

Grab supplies

Grab some conductive tape from your Craft + Code Booster Kit, a doorstop, and an empty box to make your own DIY door stop joystick!

Find a good sturdy box for your joystick.

Secure the bottom of the doorstop to the box. Most doorstops have a small metal disc and screw you can use the screw through the bottom of the box to secure the base.


Cut Hole for Joystick

Cut a small square hole for the doorstop to come through on the top of your box. You are going to make each side of this square into a conductive input, so that you can press the joystick to each conductive spot to trigger the arrow keys on your computer. The Doorstop will be EARTH. As you tilt it to an input, it will complete a circuit.

Using the conductive tape from one of our booster kits, place a separate piece of tape on each side of the square, making sure that none of the tape traces touch. (If the tape traces touch you will get two inputs detected instead of one!)


On the inside of the box, use the tape to extend your conductive trace and fold the tape to leave a tab for connecting your alligator clips. 

Connect to Makey Makey and Player 2 Backpack

 Instructions for Player 1 Controller

Connect each tape trace to the arrow keys.  Connect the Doorstop to EARTH on Makey Makey kit.

Instructions for Player 2 Controller


Player 2 Backpack

To add a second player grab your Player 2 Backpackalign all pins on the backpack board with the headers on Makey Makey. 

Gently squeeze the boards together with even pressure, making sure all pins enter the corresponding holes. 

Connect each tape trace to WASD. Remember from the underside of the box the top and bottom inputs will be flipped! 

Plug and Play!

Now you are wired and ready to play! Find your favorite two player games or challenge your friends to a soccer match!





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