Fall Makey Makey Game: Caramel Apple Dip

A fun carnival game idea to replace bobbing for apples. A virtual caramel apple dip game using Scratch and #MakeyMakey !

Dream up Apple Dip Simulator

 We wanted to create a game to replace bobbing apples. But since apples have a waxy surface, we also had to think of a way to use apples to act like we are dipping them in caramel! 

Check out our solution in this video.


Create a game in Scratch or MakeCode Arcade

Ready to create a game in Scratch that works with this caramel apple dip simulator?

Choose a backdrop, create an apple sprite, and code the apple to dip into caramel on a key press!

Scratch code

Adding sound effects is optional, but a fun way to let your user know they've successfully dipped an apple!

Scratch code

Scratch Game 

MakeCode Arcade

You could also make this game in MakeCode Arcade! The code is a little more complicated, but you can click over to MakeCode Arcade and click "edit code" to see how to make your own game.

 MakeCode Arcade Simulator

Click the game to edit the code

Code for apple Dip