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Heavy Duty Washer Joystick for Player 2 Backpack

Ever wanted to add a second player? Plug in this backpack to instantly double your game controls and double the fun! Enable Player 2 with this gamer-rific backpack and create custom game controllers along with friends. 

Step One

Playdoh controller and joysticks made from washers connected to Makey Makey and a computer with soccer game on screen

You can make your own arcade style joystick with just a few things from the hardware store. Grab your washers, nuts and bolts and let's go!

Find a good box to repurpose into your joystick, take your four 1" washers and place them on the box so that they do not touch.

Use a bigger washer (1 1/4") as your EARTH connection. Make sure the EARTH washer will make contact with each arrow key washer and mark where you will have each washer. When you attach your EARTH washer, you will use a rubber grommet to insulate your circuits. 

Make a second controller for Player 2. Each arrow will be replaced with WASD. 

Player 2 Backpack

To add a second player grab your Player 2 Backpackalign all pins on the backpack board with the headers on Makey Makey. 

Gently squeeze the boards together with even pressure, making sure all pins enter the corresponding holes. 

Step Two
Poke a hole through your box to connect each washer. Use a pencil or small screwdriver to poke holes. 

Place a screw through each washer for your arrow keys. Use a bolt with nut for the EARTH connection. 

On the top side of your box, you will have a nut, a large metal washer, and a rubber washer to function as an insulator. The rubber washer will create an air gap and ensure that the bolt will not make connections with the arrow key washers unless you are tilting the bolt like a joystick. 

On the inside of the box, use a nut to secure each arrow key washer. For the EARTH connection, use another rubber washer and a nut to secure the bolt, but the rubber washer will allow for tilting movement. 

Step Three

Connect alligator clips to all bolts. Remember that since you are looking at the bottom of the controller from this angle, the up and down arrows will be reversed. 

Wire the same way for Player 2. 

W = Up

A = Left

S = Down

D = Right


Step Four

Get ready to play! Open our Makey Makey Soccer Web App to start playing! 

Time Investment
30 min
 4th- 12th



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