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Makey Makey No Internet?

Sometimes you don't have the Internet, but you still want to Makey! Here are some ideas for what to do!

Create a controller for the "No Internet Game"

Challenge your students to create a controller for the T-rex runner "No Internet game!" This game relies on pressing a space bar to jump over obstacles.

To create a controller for space bar, all you need is a conductor for "space" and a conductor for "earth."

Let's learn how to make a switch so you can create your own controller!

Here are some cool ideas for making switches:

After looking at lots of switches create your own one button controller for this T-rex "No Internet" game.



Download Scratch and some offline games

Download Scratch for offline use here and make sure you have some Scratch games downloaded! Students, you can also create your own Scratch games to control Makey Makey.



Create a Switch, Control Light!

Create Paper Circuits! (This is part of a circuit station in another Labz guide.)

Create a simple circuit with this template or design your own simple circuit. Just make sure your positive path and negative path never cross or you will short your circuit.

Now create a parallel circuit with this template or design your own. Again, make sure the lines remain parallel to one another so you don't accidentally short your circuit. (The lines can actually go all over your paper, but don't let them cross unless you make an "insulation" bridge!)

How to plug into Makey Makey for output: To light your circuit with Makey Makey, take the alligator clip from EARTH/GND and plug into any EARTH input on the bottom. Take the alligator clip attached to the KEY OUT copper tape and and connect it to a white hook up wire. Plug the hookup wire into the top header far left pin labeled "KEY OUT."

Plug switches into any key press input on the Makey Makey and see if the switch you just made lights up your circuit!

(Your LED should light up with any key press! If you plug into MS Out, your LED will light up if any mouse input is detected. Learn more about using the back of the Makey Makey here. )

In case you skipped making a switch above, here are some ways to make switches!

Learn how to make a switch!

Here are some cool ideas for making switches:

After looking at switch ideas, create you own inventive switch.


Record sounds and put them in Soundplant

Use Audacity or another downloaded program to record sound effects and remap keys using Soundplant! (You'll have to have these applications downloaded beforehand to use!)

All you have to do to use Soundplant is drag an mp3 or wav file to the key you want the sound effect on!

Now when you plug your Makey Makey into the key's you've planted sounds, you'll have a fun midi controller!



Time Investment
1 - 2 hours
3 - 12+


  • Makey Makey


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