Invention Summer Camp Guide

Summer camp is just around the corner!  Need some inspiration for Makey Makey summer camp? We've got you covered!  

Need Summer Camp Ideas?
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Camp Themes

We've organized our summer camp ideas by four big themes.

  • Introduction to Circuits and Exploring Makey Makey

If your campers are new to Makey Makey, this is the perfect place to start! Have campers build paper circuits to explore how circuits work, then test items for conductivity so campers can design the ultimate DIY game controller!

  • Plug-and-Play Musical Instrument Challenges

Once campers are familiar with how Makey Makey works, have them design and create their own musical instruments out of recyclables and everyday stuff!

  • Game Design Challenges

Get your campers coding with block-based programming languages like Scratch or MakeCode Arcade. Then have them design unique game controllers out of crafting materials or office supplies!

  • Fun Curriculum Connections

Sometimes learning can be fun! These projects are some of our favorite projects that cover a mixture of curriculum ideas!

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Suggested Camp Materials

This guide is designed for campers using recycled materials and Makey Makey for maximum fun!

We recommend one Makey Makey invention kit for up to two campers working together. 

The STEM Pack is the perfect solution for camp groups since as it includes 12 Makey Makey Classic boards, 147 alligator clips, 12 Makey Makey-optimized conductive 6B pencils, and enough accessories to to serve up to 24 campers simultaneously if campers are working in pairs.

Camp facilitators should have at least two extra Makey Makey Classics for demonstration purposes.

Camp facilitators will want to have clean recyclables for repurposing. We suggest cardboard pieces of various sizes, cardboard tubes, and plastic bottles.


We recommend one Craft + Code booster kit per Makey Makey kit. 

Our booster kits have great conductive tape with conductive adhesive. The Craft + Code booster kit has one roll of tape which could accommodate 5 campers. 

The Craft + Code booster kit has 5 LEDS and 1 battery making it ideal for integrating paper circuits.

This booster kit is a balanced combination of creative materials, such as binder clips and aluminum foil, as well as hard-to-f ind components such as conductive thread, conductive fabric, and Makey Makey-optimized pencils

Device Compatibility

Makey Makey works on Windows, Mac, Chromebook and on many flavors of Linux (Ubuntu, etc.).

If your computer supports a USB keyboard or mouse, it should work with Makey Makey.

iPad Compatibility: The new iPad OS supports arrow keys and mouse or trackpad movement. As of April 13th 2020, iPads running iOS 13.4 work with Makey Makey v.1.4 and higher with the official Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. Note: Most iOS apps are not coded to work with key presses, but browser-based programs like Scratch and our piano app work with Makey Makey and an iPad adapter. More info on using Makey Makey with an iPad here.

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Time Investment
4 Weeks


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